Seizure Treatment: The Effectiveness of Cannabis

We’ve all seen the stories in the news about children who suffer from debilitating forms of epilepsy who find relief with cannabis. People who searched for years to find a seizure treatment are discovering that medical cannabis can do for their loved ones what no other drugs have been able to do. In this article, we will explore the evidence that new scientific research provides about cannabis and epilepsy and how it could help millions of patients who suffer from seizures.

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What is Epilepsy and Why Does it Cause Seizures?

Seizures that start in the brain are known as epileptic seizures. While some seizures are caused by conditions like low blood sugar or a high fever, people who experience recurrent seizures typically suffer from epilepsy, which is a chronic disorder.

Epilepsy affects people of all over the world, from all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. About 2.3 million American adults suffer from epilepsy, along with 450,00 children and adolescents.

Sometimes epilepsy is triggered by a brain injury or trauma, but the cause is often unknown. Although seizures can affect different parts of the body, the electrical impulses that cause the event begin in the brain. When normal electrical and chemical activity in the brain becomes disturbed, neurons start to fire erratically and cause seizures. People with epilepsy don’t know when or where their next seizure will come on, which makes leading a normal life very challenging.

Is Cannabis an Effective Seizure Treatment?

Seizure Treatment CBD

Cannabis has received a lot of media attention in the last few years for its ability to treat people with epilepsy and reduce their seizure activity, but does it work? Over the years there has been a lot of anecdotal evidence about the effectiveness of cannabis as a seizure treatment. It was even one of the most popular treatments for epilepsy in the Victorian era. But only recently is science starting to take a serious look at its potential benefits.

What we currently know about how cannabis treats epilepsy can be attributed to the cannabinoids CBD and THC. Due to the intoxicating effects of THC, CBD has moved to the forefront of seizure treatment for children. In a 2018 analysis of 23 CBD trials involving children with severe forms of epilepsy, researchers found a significant reduction in the frequency of seizures.

One of the most impressive studies on the effectiveness of the CBD on seizures included 120 children with a rare drug-resistant form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. The study found that over 14 weeks, children who received CBD experienced more than a 50% reduction in convulsive seizures compared to the placebo group.

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Science is still learning how CBD helps reduce seizure activity, but it likely involves the body’s endocannabinoid system. One of the primary functions of the endocannabinoid system is to keep all the systems in our body in a state of equilibrium. When our systems become so out of balance our natural endocannabinoids can’t return them to normal, cannabis might be able to help. The theory is that cannabinoids from medical marijuana can access the endocannabinoid system in a natural way and help bring the body back into a balanced state.

Although we are still learning how cannabis works as a treatment for seizures, there is promising evidence that it can improve the quality of life for people with epilepsy. If you are interested in learning more about the medical benefits of cannabis for treating seizures or other health conditions, we can help.

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How to Use Cannabis for Nausea

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Everyone experiences nausea from time to time and it’s no fun. Whether it’s from food poisoning, morning sickness, the flu, or chemotherapy, we can all agree that nausea is one of the most uncomfortable feelings when it comes on. If you suffer from severe nausea, it is even worse. While reaching for peppermint or ginger can be helpful for mild cases, it does little to help those who suffer from severe nausea. Chronic nausea can be caused by a variety of gut disorders or as a result of cancer treatment. Might cannabis for nausea help?

Why Does Nausea Happen?

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There are hundreds of things that can cause a person to feel queasy, from illness and poisoning to prescriptions and abdominal issues. The thing about nausea is that its actually a symptom, rather than an illness itself. It’s a sign that something is going on and the body is trying to remove toxins and invaders from the system.

Unfortunately, some people experience chronic nausea and vomiting due to chronic medical conditions — with no relief in sight. If you experience persistent nausea and aren’t sure why, it’s important that you consult your doctor to treat the underlying problem. With their diagnosis, and after exploring treatment options, you may find that cannabis for nausea may be helpful

How Does Cannabis Bring Relief?

It is believed that cannabis works with the central nervous system to bring relief. Unlike localized pain, nausea is an overall sensation that’s created by the nervous system and the endocannabinoid system. This means that cannabis can interact with the cannabinoid receptors to disrupt the nausea signal. Remember that cannabis won’t fix what’s causing the signal in the first place, but it is very effective at blocking the nausea sensation it creates.

Do I Have to Get High to Use Cannabis for Nausea?

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The good news is you can use cannabis to fight nausea even if you don’t want to get high. It turns out that the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD can work to ease nausea and vomiting without the intoxication associated with THC. A 2012 study found that CBD produced powerful anti-emetic effects due to its interaction with the body’s autoreceptors. CBD is also good at helping patients manage anxiety, which can be helpful in dealing with chronic nausea.

If you are up for a more intoxicating effect, THC also works well as an anti-nausea cannabinoid. It acts by binding to the CB1 receptors in the brain to significantly reduce vomiting. THC can also help promote a positive state of mind for people enduring difficult-to-treat health issues or treatments like chemotherapy.

Cannabis is already accepted by many physicians as a treatment for nausea caused by chemotherapy or radiation and is quickly becoming recognized as a treatment for other causes of queasiness. Although we are still working to understand all the mechanisms of action, cannabis is a well-tolerated and effective treatment.
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Is Cannabis a Viable Cachexia Treatment?

Cachexia treatment

Up to one-third of cancer deaths can be attributed to a condition called cachexia, a devastating wasting syndrome that causes weight loss and pain for patients and their families. While cachexia occurs with many types of cancer, it can also develop in patients with other late-stage forms of diseases like heart failure, kidney disease, and HIV/AIDS to name a few, leaving many to consider viable cachexia treatments.

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columbia md events

Winter is headed our way, bringing frosty nights and noses, but we like to think of this season as an opportunity to share warm times with family and friends. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above, we’ve collected a handful of our favorite seasonal Columbia MD events here to get you in the holiday spirit.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain Relief

The popularity of cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s more commonly called, has grown considerably in recent years. That CBD has become so popular so quickly shouldn’t be surprising. CBD is one of the safest and most therapeutically versatile drugs available. And unlike its sibling tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce a high. In this short guide, we’ll discuss not only how to use CBD oil for pain but we’ll also provide foundational knowledge on CBD itself.

Ready to learn how to use CBD oil for pain relief? Let’s get started!

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The Best Medical Marijuana Strain for Pain and Anxiety

Best Medical Marijuana Strain for Pain and Anxiety

Many patients want to know what the best medical marijuana strain for pain and anxiety is. The truth is, there’s no magic bullet! Let’s explain.

First, everyone’s physiology is unique. What works for Suzy may not work for Sam. Secondly, cannabis is a highly complex plant. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which may contain just one — or, at most, a few — active components, the cannabis plant contains dozens. The active components include both cannabinoids and terpenes. And every strain consists of numerous different ratios and levels of various cannabinoids and terpenes that can vary not only from strain to strain but from grower to grower, and even within harvests.

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restaurants in Columbia, MD

Here at Remedy Medical Dispensary, we love our neighborhood: The thoughtful and people-friendly design of the community, the beauty of Lake Kittamaqundi, and the simple but revolutionary notion that a city should enhance its residents’ quality of life.

One of the most important factors in quality of life is dining options; and so far as food goes, we have it good! Here are a few of our favorite restaurants in Columbia, MD.

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