How To Use RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

How To Use RSO

Rick Simpson Oil is a medicinal cannabis concentrate that has great therapeutic potential. However, its unusual thickness and stickiness may leave some people wondering how to use RSO. Thankfully, RSO can be used in a variety of convenient ways that can help you medicate quickly and effectively.

What Is RSO? 

Rick Simpson Oil is a concentrated cannabis oil known for its high THC content. The oil is named after its creator, Rick Simpson, a Canadian cannabis activist that created and used the oil after his cancer diagnosis in 2003. After treating his skin cancer, Rick committed himself to spreading info about the benefits of medical marijuana and to bringing RSO to the public. 

RSO is a full-plant extract that is typically made from indica strains of cannabis that are prized for their analgesic, anxiolytic, and sedative properties. 

How To Use RSO

How To Use RSO

There are several different ways to enjoy the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil.

Apply It Directly To Skin

Applying the oil topically to the skin can work to manage the symptoms of certain skin conditions. Mixing RSO with a bit of coconut or olive oil will make it much easier to spread on the skin. After applying the oil, the area can be covered with a bandage that can be changed with every new application.

Apply It Sublingually

If you don’t mind the taste, RSO can be applied sublingually (under the tongue) for quick psychoactive effects. The medicinal contents of the oil are absorbed through membranes in the mouth and carried into the bloodstream where they can produce therapeutic effects. The extract can also be placed between the gums and the cheek where it can dissolve over time. It may be a good idea to keep a glass of water or soda on hand in order to chase the oil’s bitter taste after it has dissolved.

Eat It

If you can stomach the taste, RSO can also be eaten to produce effects more similar to edibles. Swallowing RSO will result in longer-lasting, though potentially less potent, effects as the oil is slowly digested.

However, the RSO tends to be rough on the throat for many people, leading some to seek alternative ways of ingesting it. Some alternatives include simply spreading it on a small piece of bread or fruit, or inserting the oil directly into an empty gelatin capsule that can be swallowed more easily. 

It’s important to note that the smoking, vaporizing, or dabbing of Rick Simpson oil is not advised.

How Much RSO Should You Consume?

How To Use RSO

A beginner dose of RSO should be no more than half the size of a grain of rice, up to three times a day. As your body builds up a tolerance to THC with continuous usage, you may want to consider slowly increasing the dosage if you believe you need to.

When discontinuing use, it may be a good idea to slowly wean off the oil, rather than stopping cold turkey. Suddenly stopping use may lead to THC withdrawal, resulting in sleep problems, anxiety, and irritability.

What Are The Effects of RSO?

Because RSO contains such high levels of THC, the risk of experiencing THC’s side effects is much higher than with other cannabis products. For most people, the most commonly experienced side effect is sleepiness. However, there are a number of other side effects you may experience, including anxiety, paranoia, irritability, dry eyes, dry mouth, impaired memory, and slowed reaction time. 

To learn more about RSO and whether it’s a good choice for you, make an appointment at Remedy Columbia!

Vendor Spotlight: Rythm Aims to Give Cannabis a Consistent Backbeat


Let’s face it: Navigating the world of cannabis is challenging. With so many variables and components to keep track of—cannabinoids, terpenes, strains, and delivery methods, to name just a few—it can be difficult to feel like you’re really on top of all the relevant information. And because cannabis isn’t a “one size fits all” medicine, it’s essential to understand what you’re working with when you want consistent, repeatable results from your medical cannabis.

That’s where Rythm comes in. A national family of cannabis products, the company’s offerings are built around a deceptively simple color-coding system designed to make using cannabis medicine simple, intuitive and easy. We’re incredibly excited to be carrying their products, which include everything from fresh flower, vape pens and cartridges, and potent concentrates and live resins. 

Rythm: Cannabis Grown for Consistent and Predictable Results

Rythm 3

One of the main challenges facing cannabis producers is the question of consistency. Because cannabis is an all-natural plant product, this means that growers have to maintain an incredibly close watch on their plants to ensure predictable growth and consistent potency, cannabinoid contents and terpene profiles.

In essence, that’s what Rythm has done. Because they’re a national grower who emphasize data-driven and analytical approaches to growing and processing, they’re able to deliver a remarkably consistent product, no matter where it’s grown and where it’s sold.

Rythm: A New Approach to Describing Cannabis

Each Rythm product—whether it’s fresh flower, concentrate or any other cannabis product—is color coded into easy-to-understand categories. In an intriguing and refreshing change of pace, Rythm relies on experiential and emotive descriptions more than traditional cannabis lingo. That’s why you’ll find their products categorized as: 

Rythm 2
Source: Johns Byrne

Energize: A light, energizing and creativity-stimulating experience designed for daytime use 

Balance: A warm, centering and mildly euphoric hybrid formulated to ease anxiety and stress

Relax: Geared towards nighttime use, these stress-fighting products promote sleep and rest

Heal: These high-CBD products relieve pain, anxiety and more without a psychoactive “high”

If you’re used to identifying cannabis by the name of its strain, don’t worry: Rythm also relies on those evocative and highly memorable labels (Cosmic Glue or Yeti OG, anyone?). But whether you’re new to the wide world of cannabis or you’re a seasoned pro, the creation of those four highly relatable categories is designed to help you understand what this cannabis will do for your body and your mind without having to stop and ponder.  

Rythm: Types of Cannabis Products

Rythm produces high-quality cannabis flower, vape pens and cartridges, and “live” resins. Remedy Columbia currently stocks a wide variety of Rythm’s disposable vape pens and glass-chambered cartridges for CCELL-type vaporizers. Because our stock changes so quickly, it’s always best to consult our live menu before heading down to the dispensary to make a purchase.

Rythm 1
Source: Rythm

Whatever your medical cannabis needs, it’s a safe bet that Rythm’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate product categories will simplify your self-care. And in the big, big world of cannabis products, we think that’s something to get truly excited about!

You can grab Rythm and other high-quality cannabis products at our Columbia dispensary. Check out our online menu to get started.

Vendor Spotlight: gLeaf


Established in 2014 by founder Philip Goldberg, gLeaf distributes high-quality cannabis products to over 25 dispensaries in Maryland. gLeaf has long fought to bring medical cannabis to the state. Before becoming gLeaf, the collective was known as Green Leaf Medical and worked to change marijuana laws by testifying at commissions and senate hearings and by lobbying to change possession laws for Maryland patients. 

Vendor Spotlight: gLeaf – Maryland’s Own

Gleaf 1

gLeaf is dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis strains in their state-of-the-art indoor growing facility. The company has dedicated itself to producing superior flower, trim, and whole plants for processing and sale across the state. Quality and professionalism are top priorities for this local brand—something we can definitely stand behind. gLeaf’s professional staff is comprised of Maryland residents who have years of experience growing and processing cannabis.

What Strains Does gLeaf Specialize In?

gLeaf’s strains are recognized and revered across the state. Don’t believe us? Just look at what some Maryland dispensary operators were saying about the brand’s lineup of exotic strains last year. It seems the hardest problem for dispensaries is keeping these strains in stock! So what exactly does gLeaf grow?

gLeaf Sour Diesel

gLeaf 2

gLeaf’s take on this legendary strain is flying off store shelves! Sour D is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20. You can bet that Sour Diesel will produce an energizing and stimulating buzz with every puff. This is an excellent daytime or ‘wake and bake’ strain that will never ‘couch-lock’ you or leave you feeling overly sedated. This strain is a must-try for Maryland sativa lovers!

gLeaf Honey Banana

gLeaf 3

Honey Bananas is a rare hybrid strain that is derived from a cross between the strains Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo. As its name implies, this strain is quite flavourful. Fruity, honey, and candy tones are all featured in the aroma of this strain. Moreover, as a 50/50 hybrid, its balanced genetics allow it to produce a delicate balance of sativa and indica effects. Thanks to these balanced effects, gLeaf’s Honey Banana is a great choice for both daytime and nighttime smokers, as well as beginners. 

gLeaf Blue Cheese

gLeaf 4

Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid boasting a 20/80 sativa/indica ratio and THC levels that can soar as high as 20%. This unique strain was created by crossing two strains of opposite flavors, Blueberry and U.K. Cheese. The resulting flavor is a mix between blueberries and blue cheese that is sure to please the senses. This strain’s indica effects are very apparent in it’s sedating body high. Because of these strong narcotic-like effects, Blue Cheese is a superb medical marijuana strain.

gLeaf LA Chocolat

gLeaf 5

This rare strain was created by crossing west-coast legends LA Confidential and Chocolope. As you can probably tell by its name, LA Chocolat features hints of cocoa and coffee along with nutty and earthy undertones. This 40/60 indica-dominant hybrid is best left for afternoons or nights. LA Chocolat’s range of stimulating sativa effects are usually overpowered by its sedating and calming indica effects. 

What Does The Future Hold For gLeaf?

Beer! Specifically, marijuana-infused beer. 

gLeaf has recently partnered with local brewer Flying Dog Brewery (Frederickton, MA) in order to develop a cannabis-infused IPA beer. The beer is expected to be non-alcoholic and will provide Maryland residents with yet another way to consume cannabis without the health risks associated with smoking and vaping. 

If you would like to shop for gLeaf products in stock right now, check out our online dispensary menu for Maryland medical marijuana patients!

Vendor Spotlight: Curio Wellness

Curio Wellness

For this week’s vendor spotlight, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of the leading brands in Maryland medical cannabis – Curio Wellness. 

Curio Wellness – Where Cannabis Meets Science

Curio Wellness 1

As a Maryland cannabis company, Curio is devoted to providing area patients with premium cannabis products that are safe and reliable.

Curio’s scientifically-driven approach to medical cannabis blurs the lines between pharmaceutical and holistic medicine. Their products seek to guide patients towards more meaningful and productive experiences with cannabis. From their award-winning topical balms to their savory and long-lasting vapes, the Curio touch is obvious in each of their products. 

Curio understands that each patient is different and that their needs will vary. To ensure that everyone that qualifies is able to utilize cannabis as part of their health plan, they’ve created a variety of products. Even if you don’t want to smoke or vape, you can use Curio products to manage your condition.

Some of Our Favorite Curio Wellness Products

Thanks to Curio’s extensive lineup of superb cannabis products, it’s hard to choose just a few, but here are some of our favorite Curio Wellness products that you can find right here in our store

Dixie Synergy Heat-Warming Balm

Curio Wellness 2
Source: Curio Wellness

Dixie’s Synergy Heat-Warming Balm won Leafly’s 2018 Best Topical category for the state of Maryland. Created in collaboration with partner company Dixie Elixirs, this topical balm produces a deep, penetrating warmth that melts away muscle fatigue, swelling, and discomfort. Crafted from a revitalizing fusion of over 200 essential oils, Dixie’s Warming Balm provides healing as well as aromatherapy benefits. The effects of this cream can be felt within 30 minutes and can last for as long as 6 hours. Moreover, although this topical contains a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD (50mg:50mg), it produces no psychoactive effects. 

Curio Ginger Lemon Drops

Curio Wellness 3
Source: Curio Wellness

Curio’s Lemon Ginger Drops are precisely infused with high-THC CO2 distillate derived from nothing but Curio’s award-winning top-shelf flower. Made with natural flavor and colors, these lemon drops are vegan-safe. Available in both 10 mg ad 20 mg sizes, these drops can provide relief with both mild and strong euphoric effects. These medicated drops can be conveniently chewed to produce effects within 60-90 minutes that can last for roughly 3-5 hours. 

Curio Vape

Curio Wellness 4
Source: Curio Wellness

The Curio Vape is processed from nothing but Curio’s award-winning top-shelf flower. All of Curio’s top-shelf flower is grown in their state-of-the-art growing facility stocked with industry-leading HVAC and water systems. Named the Best Flower Product in Maryland in 2018 by Leafly, their flower is a clear step above the competition when it comes to consistent flavor and potency. 

Rest assured that the impeccable quality of Curio’s flowers can be tasted and felt in their vaporizers. Thanks to their clean CO2 extraction process, Curio’s extracts are free of additives and fillers. Furthermore, all of Curio’s extracts are manufactured using pharma-grade equipment and are enhanced with whole-cannabis terpenes.

You can find high-quality Curio products at your favorite Columbia dispensary. Stop by or order online now.

Remedy Columbia Product Highlights: LucidMood, A New Approach to Vapes


We love sharing details about new and exciting products in the world of cannabis, and today’s topic—the LucidMood family of vape pens—is truly noteworthy. Taking advantage of the vape pen’s simple design and intuitive interface, the LucidMood family of pens deliver custom blends of cannabinoids and terpenes, the “active ingredients” in the cannabis plant. 

But the real breakthrough may be in their ease of use. For many of our customers, finding a reliable and consistent dosage remains the single greatest challenge to accessing cannabis medicine. LucidMood pens are not only designed to elicit specific results based on their terpene content, but to deliver an accurate and repeatable dose. Let’s dive into a few of the features that make these products so special.

LucidMood: Tailored Cannabis for Specific Results

LucidMood logo

We’ve written previously about terpenes, which are aromatic hydrocarbons—sometimes known as “essential oils”—found seemingly everywhere in nature, including in cannabis. It has long been suspected that the terpene content of any specific cannabis strain has a great deal to do with the effect it has on our bodies, and LucidMood takes that theory to the next level in the design of their custom vape pens.

Rather than working with specific strains of cannabis, LucidMood formulates their custom blends with isolated THC, CBD, and terpenes, in essence “reverse engineering” cannabis strains for specific and desired outcomes. 

While some “whole plant” advocates may feel that such an approach ignores the “entourage effect” of the cannabis plants many cannabinoids and terpenes working together, a growing body of research suggests that the effects of such whole plant medicines is simply too chaotic and unpredictable to make safe medicines. The focus here is on consistency and ease of use which are two reasons we’re especially excited about the LucidMood family of products.

The products offered in this line all dispense an even THC to CBD ratio. While you will experience some psychoactivity, the goal is to eliminate the fogginess and disorientation some cannabis users find distracting. 

The custom blends include:

  • Energy: A vibrant, citrus-tinged blend designed to impart focus and drive
  • Chill: Utilizing the calm effects of natural lavender, and designed for maximum relaxation. 
  • Party: An energizing, spicy blend designed for social events, dancing and intimacy.
  • Calm: A rose-scented blend designed to heighten focus and awareness.
  • Relief: The aroma of camphor is designed to ease aches, soreness, and distracting cramps.
  • Sleep: The relaxing power of apple blossoms help lull you into restful slumber.
LucidMood assortment

Using the LucidMood Pens

LucidMood’s clean and functional design extends to its intuitive use. Simply inhale for a count of three or four seconds, then wait up to 10 minutes for the effects to come on. If they’re not perceptible, try another inhalation. The heating element in the pen shuts off after a five-second draw, greatly reducing the possibility of inhaling too strong a dose at once.

Each pen is designed to dispense roughly 300 seconds of inhalation. Depending on your desired dosage, that works out to anywhere from 60 to 100 total doses. The pens themselves are disposable, but LucidMood asks that you recycle the battery; more information can be found on their FAQ page

And if you have any questions about LucidMood or any other cannabis products, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to chat and learn how we can help you get the maximum benefits of cannabis medicine.

Spotlight on Remedy Vendors: Curio Wellness Medicated Chews

Curio Wellness

With the recent changes to Maryland’s cannabis laws, cannabis-infused edibles are about to become all the rage. We’re incredibly excited to offer these powerful, easy-to-use and—last but certainly not least—delicious medications to you. We’re going to focus on an exciting new vendor we’re working with here at Remedy: Curio Wellness. But first, let’s explain a little bit about how cannabis edibles work.

Cannabis Edibles: The Basics

Cannabis edibles offer several advantages over traditional methods of administration, such as smoking or vaping cannabis flower or extract, or taking cannabis-infused tinctures. Because they’re made under strict controls and safeguards, edibles deliver very precise doses of cannabinoids, typically in small and easy-to-control increments. What’s more, unlike smoking or vaping in particular, taking cannabis via edibles is discreet, attracting as much attention as would popping a zingy mint in your mouth.

Curio Wellness 3

That said, there are important differences. When consuming cannabis-infused edibles, our bodies metabolize the medicine through the liver. This means that the cannabis in edibles will typically take a much longer time to take effect than it does with smoking or vaping. We recommend you allow at least 60 minutes for the effects of edibles to become apparent.

Depending on your recent food intake and other factors, it may take as long as two hours for the full effects to manifest, so be sure to wait a proper amount of time before trying a second dose. You may also find that—compared with other methods of taking cannabis medicine—the effects are a little more noticeable.

Curio Wellness: Medicated Chews in Fun, Appealing Flavors

We’re excited to work with Curio Wellness for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most important is their focus on pure medicine, appealing flavors, and all-natural ingredients. In other words, it’s a whole lot like the cannabis medicine we supply here at Remedy Columbia!

Curio Wellness’ Medicated Chews come in a variety of fun flavors, including Lemon Honey, Mango Ginger, and Blood Orange Turmeric. Made from natural flavors and colors, they’re delicious and made from natural pectin rather than gelatin (which means they’re vegan as well).

Source: Curio Wellness

The Medicated Chews are available in several different formulations depending upon your desired result. Need a bit more of the pain-blunting effects of THC? Try Mango Ginger in the 25mg dose. Concerned about the potential distraction of THC psychoactivity? Try Lemon Honey in a 10:1 CBD-to-THC ratio.

Confused? Just refer to Curio Wellness’ handy dosing chart for a graphic representation of the effects of their Medicated Chews!   

We aim to keep Curio Wellness’ products in stock, but it’s a good idea to browse our live menu before heading down to the dispensary, as sometimes products sell out more quickly than we can restock them. We’re confident that once you try these convenient, great-tasting and handy little chews, you’ll be wanting more of them as well!