Rest and Relaxation: The Best Terpenes for Anxiety

As many cannabis consumers are aware, cannabis is known for being an ideal medicine in the treatment of anxiety. However, most patients are completely unaware of the reasons for this, or the special chemicals that imbue cannabis with its reputation for inducing calm and relaxation. 

The answer lies with compounds called terpenes which exist in every strain of cannabis, as well as many other organic materials. Terpenes lend cannabis its distinct characteristics, which range from eliciting a lovely flavor of strawberry to anti-inflammatory effects that relieve pain and promote restfulness. Here are some of the most common terpenes for anxiety you’ll find in many strains of cannabis today.

3 Good Terpenes for Anxiety


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Limonene is a unique terpene found in cannabis strains that elicits the sensation of citrus whenever it is encountered. Derived from the oil of citrus peels, such as lemon or oranges, limonene is known as one of the best terpenes for anxiety, as strains enhanced with limonene are known to relieve paranoia or restlessness. 

Some preliminary research has begun to show that limonene is a potential anti-depressant, which sheds light on this terpene’s presence in famous strains aimed at combating depression like Super Lemon Haze. Limonene-laden strains are also employed in the treatment of certain types of cancer, making this terpene applicable to a wide variety of situations.


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While caryophyllene might be associated with harsher flavors like garlic and pepper, its anti-inflammatory power makes this one of the ideal terpenes for anxiety. Strains that employ caryophyllene are known to be some of the most restful, calming strains currently available on the market, and can be used to treat conditions ranging from arthritis to Alzheimer’s. 

Researchers studying cannabis since the dawn of legalization in America were surprised to discover that caryophyllene interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body, despite not being a cannabinoid. This finding paved the way for further research into the properties of terpenes and how they could be used to modify the effects of cannabis strains to offer patients a more vast range of options for treatment. 


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Myrcene is one of the more interesting terpenes found in cannabis, as its origins can be traced to a wide variety of herbs used in the holistic treatment of pain and inflammation. Found in famous strains from Harlequin to Cannatonic, Myrcene is perhaps the most potent terpene for anxiety currently available to cannabis consumers.

The most noteworthy property of this peculiar terpene is the way it interacts with the THC naturally occurring within cannabis. While myrcene is typically encountered in the form of plants like thyme, when encountered in cannabis this chemical has the potential to supercharge the effects of THC, producing a much more effective and longer-lasting high. That’s why myrcene-imbued strains are considered to be some of the most potent.

We need more research to learn whether the benefits of terpenes are the same for the terpenes in cannabis, but the future looks promising.

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